A nature and travel based homeschooling approach.


We do not adhere to a specific curriculum but seek to instill an overall love for learning. Check out the resources that help our kids connect with our travels and their individual interests.



Nature School

Flower Press
from 30.00

Created by Wee Little Nomads!

Alex started making flower presses for our hikes. We wanted to be able to have an easy-to-use tool for the kids to collect and identify our wildflower finds. We have been making a wildflower guidebook and add to it each week.



Bug Bingo and Bird Bingo

These are really fun games for the whole family with great illustrations - again, they have no clue they are learning! 

A Year of Forest School

Go outside and have fun making and exploring with this fun book! 

match a track

These matching games (also a match a bird option) are so much fun and very informative!


Flower Go-Fish

A perfect addition to the card game stash. We have learned all about flower families from this game - so much fun, they don't even realize they are learning!

Under the Canopy

A mix of history and science with captivating illustrations! Explore different types of tress across the globe and their cultural significance.

Junior Ranger Program

Each national park, and some state parks have a junior ranger program. Ask at the visitors center at the parks you are visiting. You will receive a packet to complete on a hike and then your child is "sworn in" and receives a special badge. It is our version of trophies, and the kids love to collect them on our park visits!

Nature Anatomy Book

All of Julia Rothman's illustrative texts are captivating, but we pull out this book most often. The pages are great references for all your nature finds, easy to find and understand. This is a must for all ages!

Into The Forest Game

Educational game with critical thinking involved! Learn all about animals, their habitats, and how they influence each other. Love, love, love!

Wildcraft Herbal Adventure Game

A cooperative game that teaches herbal plants and how to use them. Fun for the whole family!


The 50 States Workbook

Numerous activities that teach fun facts about the 50 states of America - such as state flowers and birds, and what sports the presidents enjoyed playing!

The World Game

For older kids and parents to learn world geography!

Let's Color America

Pirasta has a great poster coloring page with fun illustrations for each state. We color each state that we travel too and it is a great way to learn where we are! Great for geography lessons!

The Scrambled States of America

Another wonderful resource for learning geography and interesting facts about states. Making learning fun is the name of the game!


Write Your Own Story Book

My daughter alternates between writing in this book and keeping a journal. It helps her learn how to develop characters, setting, and story plots. I love reading her imaginative stories and that she is practicing her writing skills! 

Zingo Sight word Game

Such a fun way to learn sight words!

Story Cubes

Another great storytelling tool! This is fun for the whole family and really brings out the imagination!



Packed full with experiments and activities, your child won't even realize that he is learning math! 

Tiny Polka Dot Math Game

Has multiple games based on child’s level of learning and helps with the basics of counting and adding.

Fraction Practice

This colorful, wooden fraction pie is a wonderful little tool when teaching fractions. The little kids prefer to play around with it and that's okay too! 

Prime Climb

This is a step-up from Tiny Polka Dot and recommended for ages 10 and up - really fun way to reinforce math skills!

4-Way Countdown

Practice simple addition and subtraction or spice it up with multiplication and division. Suitable for varying math levels and lots of fun, of course!

Clumsy Thief

There is no better way to learn how to count money!



Workbook that challenges timeline of technology. Does an Egyptian where a watch? Or a Viking use a compass?


Making geography fun, no prior knowledge needed! Great for kids (and adults) 4+  - learn countries as you go!