Step 1: Gut It

I do not particularly enjoy gutting anything, airstreams included. At first we were planning on salvaging a few of the vintage innards but once we began the act of demolishing it became clear that salvaging would in fact create more work, and possibly a less ideal outcome. Better to start with a clean slate and do everything correctly. Amiright?

I am speaking in the plural "we" when in fact this step was solely my husband. He spent day in and day out ripping, tearing, busting, and flat-out destroying the once-beautiful (in the 60s) interior. 

We (he) took out all fixtures, cabinets, beds, drawers, and plumbing as well as the side-paneling and insulation. Many treasures were found; a weed leaf shirt (hey its from the 60s!) and a couple of dead mice...

This sight gives me serious anxiety... eek clean it up! 

This sight gives me serious anxiety... eek clean it up! 

Happy to employ a little helper! And a sincere apology to our lovely neighbors for the overflowing trash heap. 

Our beautiful tin can is now just a shell.  

Next step. Replace the belly pan, repair windows, and put in new insulation. I think I'll sit this one out too.  

Can I get you some water dear?