Tiny Kitchen


We frequently get asked - What do you eat?! 

I can't help but laugh each time because tiny living has not changed our ability to cook and devour delicious meals. The trickiest part of a tiny kitchen is storing food, especially if we will be boondocking in a remote area without access to convenient grocery shopping. 

We have always tried to eat with intention and tiny living makes it impossible to do otherwise. Airstream life has decreased our food costs and our food waste.

Our fridge is a Norcold 3-way (propane, battery, electric) with 4 cubic feet of storage, in other words, it is small. We do not eat meat so basically our whole fridge is stocked with green goodness. This will last us for a week (sometimes more) before we need to resupply. I wish we had a bigger fridge, and a bigger freezer but it makes meal planning simple, cheaper, and we waste nothing.

We used to shove beers and la Croixs in the nooks and crannies of the fridge.. smooshing our veggies in the process and causing a cluttered mess that drove me crazy. I hated the idea of a cooler because resupplying the ice seemed like a spendy chore. Thankfully we received a Vibe cooler and I'm kicking myself for not getting one sooner - the ice stays frozen in the summer heat for days and now we not only have access to cold beverages all day but we also have an organized fridge - WIN, WIN!

Our upper shelves house our dried and canned goods. We store our bulk foods in mason jars with a sock cover so that they don't break when we move (so fancy). 

Snacks in one drawer. Mainly dried fruit, nuts, tiny animal crackers. Sauces and spices in the other drawer. 


Voila! That's the extent of our kitchen setup! Are you interested in what we cook for our vegan family of 5 with only a 2-burner stove and no oven?