Before I became a mother the passage of time was always met with celebration, I was eager to grow up and accomplish new things and I faced the future with motivation and a spring in my step. A year seemed like all the time in the world and phases passed largely unnoticed. Then I became a mom and suddenly a year became a fleeting trip around the sun. Each anniversary, birthday, holiday, or milestone is filled with that same celebratory air and happy rejoicing, but now it has a tinge of nostalgia and a pinch of sorrow. 

This week I am faced with two big life markers that seem to magnify the speed of the clock spinning; my wedding anniversary and my middle child's 3rd birthday.

Alex and I have been married for 4 wonderful years, but had been together for awhile before we tied the knot. At the time of our wedding Georgi was 3 years old. Alex was not only marrying me, he was also vowing to stand by Georgi through sickness and health. So he presented her a ring, and said these words from a scribbled piece of paper... 

We all broke down in tears, and Georgi waited with open fingers for her "wedding" ring. Forging our union as a family forever-more.

Shortly after our marriage we got pregnant with Margo. Now here she is, turning 3, the age Georgi was at our wedding. I grieve the passage of the newborn phase, the toddling age, the tantruming-terrible twos, but I also welcome with open arms the threes. It is both a time to be thankful, and also a time to reminisce and say a form of "goodbye". Because when a child grows one year older, it isn't a small step, it is a significant leap. Their behavior, personality, and appearance changes so much over those past 365 days. My Margo doesn't look or act like this baby anymore, and I mourn the loss of this stage, while simultaneously bursting with pride at who she is becoming... who she is. 

Similarly my marriage is not the same as it was that day I walked down the aisle, it is so much more than I could have ever imagined on that lovely evening 4 years ago. Anniversary gifts are always difficult to buy for but this year it seemed appropriate to gift my husband a unique wooden watch for the occasion. It came in this beautiful wooden box, and is truly one of a kind. I have partnered with Jord Watches to spread the love, and the keeping of time. Check it out!

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