Streamlined Reflection


Wee little nomads has been undergoing some not so little transformations recently and unfortunately we have had to put the blogging on hold while we regrouped and reevaluated our goals and desires. Part of our life philosophy is that there are no coincidences; the people that you meet and the things that happen your way in life are generally there to propel you in a certain direction, let's call it destiny. In other words we believe that experiences and relationships that are meant to be occur organically, without force or desperate pleading. So when doors continued to slam and lock on our plan to continue our family travels we decided to move back to the brick and mortar house in Charleston and pause to reconsider. 

At first it was a relief to feel settled and stable again. In our minds it was a temporary solution until we could figure out a way to hit the road again. So we reveled in the company of familiar faces and uncramped spaces, and soaked in the convenience of a backyard and nearby family support while it lasted. 

Slowly it dawned on us how difficult it would be to unsettle yet again, and this temporary solution seemed to be growing more roots and grounding us into the suburban lifestyle that we had so desperately and courageously left. Unforeseen challenges kept popping up and creating more obstacles to road life. To name the major one; finances. Gutting and renovating an airstream is no cheap task and it dawned on us how long it was going to take to make our dream of airstream travel a reality. 

To make matters even better, we discovered that another little nomad would be hopping on the family bandwagon, so we decided to prop up our feet, sit back, and patiently wait for what the universe had in store for us. We got fixed nursing jobs, enrolled our oldest wee nomad into a traditional kindergarten, and began living out our days happily enjoying our family, working on the airstream with every free moment, and chatting about campfires and mountain views.

Unfortunately this little pause caused us to question the practicality of our airstream dream, the stress that ensued from a growing family and growing costs forced us to consider selling the beloved hunk of aluminum. Many tears were shed and I began to lose the spark that had initially inspired me to start this blog. Could we be content living out our daily lives with packed lunches and stable nursing careers, without the thrill and adventure of ever changing horizons? The even bigger question for me was: is it selfish to hold on to the airstream with a fierce grip despite our financial concerns and expanding family? Maybe it was time to let it go, kick off our shoes, and strap ourselves in for the long haul - after all everyone else is doing it, we must just be the crazy ones. So I took a step back from social media and the blog and fully embraced stationary family life for a bit, allowing the airstream dream to become just that... A dream.

But the airstream sat there.

In the driveway.

Reminding us every day of what was, and what could be.

And neither of us made any final moves towards selling it.

So we are back.

Because when it comes right down to it, I could not justify selling the airstream; the physical representation of our hopes and dreams, solely for monetary gain. In essence that was like handing over full control of our lives to the rat race that is financial stability. I think that most full time RVers have made a conscious or subconscious decision to not allow money to dictate their lives. The tiny home "movement" has come from people's desire to live without debt while simultaneously experiencing all the riches of the world. This takes much more effort than I originally thought. Most all of humanity is fueled by monetary needs; where we live, where we travel, what we eat, who we are friends with, what we drive, what we wear, and most importantly where we spend most of our every day lives; our jobs. This never ending cycle sucks you in and doesn't spit you out until that lovely process that everyone is nervously anticipating; retirement.  Will we ever be able to break free of this "leave it to beaver" trend? Will we be able to enjoy vacation for longer than our 2 week allotted time, and be able to experience time with our children more than one day a week? 

I digress.

Needless to say, the wee nomads started growing impatient, our feet began twitching and we started to pace around the cage. The oldest nomad, the one that was so eager to come home to Charleston, began frequently asking about the airstream and about when we were going traveling again. I can't give her, or this blog for that matter, a definitive time-frame. What I do know is that we are right where we are supposed to be for now, not quite standing still, but progressing in ways that appear slow-moving and yet are necessary for the overall big picture. Papa Nomad is working on an intensive care unit, gaining nursing experience that will help land sought after travel nursing jobs. Mama Nomad is cooking up a little boy that we are sure will add even more spunk to this family circus. Meanwhile the little nomads are giggling, wrestling, thriving, and growing in that super-duper-speedy way that only kids know how to grow. The path is a little foggy, but as long as we keep moving forward it will clear a way and eventually reveal the destination.

So in order to keep the wheels in motion and our creative juices flowing, we would like to kick off the new year in a special way by introducing a new chapter to our journey. In January we will be launching a wee little nomads etsy shop that reflects our passion for creativity, exploration, and nature. Wee are so thrilled to share it with all of our family, friends, and followers. A portion of the proceeds will go to our airstream project and a separate portion will go to an undetermined charity that will help fund other family's goals and aspirations (suggestions welcome!). So place your tips into our not-so-little tin can or simply spread the word, and help us achieve a more helter-skelter life. Updates on our progress will be featured in the "Live Riveted" tab of the blog. Let the adventure begin!

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