Carry On

Recently we flew as a family of 5 cross-country for a 1 week trip. 

I packed all of our clothes for the week in ONE carry-on. 

I did this for a multitude of reasons: 

  1. Each checked bag would cost $25. 

  2. We could have brought more carry-ons but with 3 children and a layover I wanted to make the flight as simplified as possible.

  3. Minimalism helps us stay focused and organized; I did not want the extra baggage weighing us down- literally and figuratively. 

  4. I knew we would have access to a washer and dryer; therefore it seemed silly to pack outfits for all 7 days when we could just wash and repeat mid-way through. 


How did we fit everything? 

It helped that we were packing summer clothes that are light and small. If this had been a winter trip we would have most likely needed 2 carry-ons to fit all the bulky winter items. 

  • Each of us got 4 outfits (including the one we were wearing on the airplane). 1 bathing suit, 4 pairs of undies. 

  • Shoes on our feet, nothing more, nothing less. 

  • We decided to buy new toiletries upon our arrival since liquids are restricted on planes anyways. We also only brought enough diapers to last us through 2 days and resupplied when we got there.

  • 2 backpacks contained: snacks, kindles, laptop, headphones, chargers, coloring supplies for entertainment as well as our sweaters for chilly plane rides. 


Traveling cross-country with kids is stressful but packing doesn't have to be. Keep it simple!