Small Space Play

Before moving into the airstream we had a home with a room devoted to toys. Toys ranging from puzzles to a kid-size kitchen. Downsizing the amount of toys we had was really difficult. So many of it I had convinced myself was necessary for their education and entertainment. What I found was that once we purged the bulk of their stuff, they played more with the things we had kept.

Similar to any sort of minimalism, the less is more philosophy is so true. Less clutter allows our brain to actually choose and focus on one thing. A room full of clothes can be disorienting and even lead us to say “I have nothing to wear!”, but a small closet can set us free to choose what is available. Kids get even more overwhelmed by large quantities, and will inevitably “have nothing to play with” even when surrounded by a room full of toys.

Here is what we decided to keep, along with the gifts we chose for this upcoming Christmas. We focus on quality items that allow for imaginative play and outdoor play, and have a wide range of age group.

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fender ukelele

tegu magnet blocks

Magnetic Slips and Ladders

Crazy 8 card game

Small dollhouse

Wooden eggs

Opposite of Far masks, gloves, tails, and ears


How-to-draw book

Rebellious bedtime stories

The best frisbees

Slack Line

Eno double hammock

Hape Car

Tabletop kitchenette

Fabric Dragon Wings

Oil Pastels

Wooden cross-stitch creatures

Razor electric bike

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